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Datacellular is a leader in switch support services, in the integration and deployment of wireless telecommunication networks for major wireless service providers.

Our services

Have our expert consultants support your engineering needs. Datacellular has provided technical manpower to Bechtel, Black & Veatch, Glotel, Mycom, Datalogix and Redline Telecom.

  • LTE integrations, carrier adds and aggregations for Ericsson, Nokia and ALU.
  • Engineering, plumbing diagram preparation.
  • Ready for ALU to Nokia migration of LTE sites.
  • Automated data creation for new cell sites.
  • Site decommissioning.
  • Ericsson, ALU and Nokia Small Cell
  • RBS fault isolation and resolution.
  • Load and upgrade new RBS software.


Resource Requirements

  • Datacellular has and acquires resources to support the established quality system.
  • Datacellular's resources provide improvement to customer satisfaction.
  • Datacellular uses personnel who have the education, training, skills, level of experience, and attitude.
  • Datacellular supports personnel competence by encouraging effective training and maintaining a record of competence.
  • Datacellular provides and maintains the workspace, hardware, and software needed to serve the customer 24 hours effectively.

Realization Requirements

At Datacellular, we're constantly identifying our clients' requirements and identifying controls for the projects. We communicate on all angles with our clients, including planning, definition, generating and carrying out the project, performing, conducting, management, and the validation and upgrade of the software being used. Also, we work hard to protect the property supplied by the client.